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    Unanswered: Different Display based on Text

    I have an HTMP form and for some reason, when I use a regular TextBox to display a field, Via an ASP conneciton to the database, it cuts it off when it gets to a " (A quote)


    Field: Title
    Data: Where do "rabbits" come from?

    If I try to pull that field into a regular html textbox it dispays,

    Where do

    Then if I change the textbox to a textarea it displays the entire field

    Where do "rabbits" come from?

    Is this a setting that causes this in SQL Server on the table.

    I am new to SQL Server and am trying to learn these little differences.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like an ASP problem. SQL is ignorant of how you are displaying the data.

    Perhaps you need to double the quotes when using a textbox?

    --> Where do ""rabbits"" come from?

    Just guessing.

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    Then the quotes get saved as double when you display the field in a different manner.

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