This is really exasperating . . .

I was doing fine for a long long time until yesterday when I hit a webpage with a huge number of popups. When I tried to close what appeared to be dead windows, IE quit and said it had encountered a problem. Usually by exiting and restarting the app or rebooting this solved the problem. Now, however, whenever I double click IE I get this error immediately.

Thinking that the IE program was corrupted, I re-installed Windows XP Home thinking that that would reinstall the IE program. The first time, I couldn't get IE to work although my DSL service and email connection was still usable. I tried to re-install a second time and now I can't even get my DSL to work. I believe that the DSL software depends on IE to access the DSL server, so I am assuming that the problem is basically an issue with IE.

Has anybody experienced something like this?