Hello anyone,

first of all I would like to say that ADABAS-D is not ADABAS, although both are from Software AG. ADABAS-D is a Relational DBMS with SQL Query language.

Now my Question:

I use a ADABAS-D database with a very large table with some Indexes.

The database uses a Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) which sometimes decide to make a tablescan instead of using an index when querying the database.

For several reasons which I can not explain here, this is not acceptable for me.

Because the CBO uses statistics to decide the stategy, I would like to manipulate the statistics, so that the CBO would always choose the Strategy to use the approbiate Key.

I need to know which tables contain the statistic information for the CBO.

Is this only the Table OPTIMIZERSTATISTICS or is there also some hidden Table which contains the information?

Thank you in advance for any help.

With regards