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    Unanswered: Shell Script Help


    I'm not a computer programer but over the years I have learned html, javascript, css, dhtml, vbscript, and flash actionscript.

    I'm unfamilar with shell scripts. I was surfing the web looking for an application that would search my hd for mp3's and created an m3u file for each folder that has mp3's and save the m3u elsewhere on hd.

    During my search I stumbled onto an archived thread:

    and this is exactly what i'm looking to do.

    However, I'm not sure how i would make a shell extension file or how i would even start it up to do the task i want to do. I don't even know if it will work on a Windows XP home OS. If so will it work on other Windows OS??

    Can any one advise me on how i would make this work???

    It's my uderstanding the script that accomplishes the task is the following and is posted in the last thread entry.

    find /mnt/music -type d |
    while IFS= read -r dir
    ls "$dir"/*.mp3 > /home/playlists/"$m3u_name"


    PS. I have 2 HD's and 3 volumes so I guess I'm wondering if this script will work on all 3.

    Thanks Again!!!

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    If you want to go down the route of unix-style scripting on Windows you'll have to install appropriate tools. I personally use Cygwin bash on Windows 98, though I've heard Microsoft are providing Windows services for Unix that will work on Win2k and up.


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