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Thread: help with lytec

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    Unanswered: help with lytec

    I am a psychiatrist in solo private practice, with a lytec 2001 professional program on my main computer, with 3 computers networked to it (2 via PC anywhere). 2 of the computers have been breaking down frequently, and I need to buy new ones. They use windows 98.
    I want to replace them with ones that use the windows xp professional operating system. BUT, I have been told that LYTEC 2001 doesn't work on Windows XP. At least it didn't 2 years ago when my billing service tried to install it on a computer using windows xp.

    My questions: Is there a new patch or other something that I can get to be able to use lytec 2001 professional with the windows xp operating system?

    Is it worth a few thousand dollars to upgrade to 2004 lytec professional? (I am not rich. Psychiatrists are low on the food chain, and I'm in solo practice.)
    Thanks asroth

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    Lytec 2001 installs fine under Windows XP. In fact, Windows XP handles the Pervasive SQL database better than its predecesors Operating Systems such as Windows 98.

    You may want to try it again as I had no troubles installing it.

    Good luck.

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