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    Unanswered: General Advice - Timesheet application

    So I have been tasked with converting a pilot timesheet application (written in Access) into an all singing all dancing web app. I'm planning on using SQL Server to provide some scale but wondered if anyone had any advice about processing time calcs.

    I can of course use the smalldatetime datatype to store all the start at, finish at and elapsed hours times but wonderd if there was any comparative advantage to using numerics instead and converting to/from HH:MM representation.

    Maybe I need to finally figure out how to create and use custom data types?

    There's lots of math to do on these things once the data is captured for reporting and such and smalldattime looks like a fairly big waste of space for something that really only deals in hours.

    Anyone doen things like this before? Any advice on what not to do?

    many thanks

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    Re: General Advice - Timesheet application

    1) Use datetime
    2) If necessary, denormalize your datetime field converting them in several int fields. This method sometimes is used in DW environment (with a dimension time)

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