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    Unanswered: Problems allocating more than 3 GB to Informix (UnixWare)


    We have an Informix 9.21.UC4 installation on UnixWare 7.1.1 and have noticed it's unable to allocate more than 3GB. According with machine notes The MAXMEM parameter is not applicable on this platform. I have all the parameters according with port specification (SHMSEG, SHMMNI, etc.).

    When it tries to allocate a virtual segment, which makes total memory going beyond 3 GB, the engine gets blocked and the messages below are logged in the message log. I will appreciate any help or suggestion be sent to!

    Thanks in advance,

    15:11:16 shmat: [ENOMEM][12]: out of available data space, check system MAXMEM

    15:11:16 shmdt: errno = 22

    15:11:17 shmat: [ENOMEM][12]: out of available data space, check system MAXMEM

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    Isn't it a 32bit problem?
    Did you try it with a 64bit version of the engine?

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