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    Unanswered: Updating 2nd MS Sql Server over Internet


    I'm reasonably new to MS SQL server, I've mostly been setting up databases and creating ASP Pages to look at them with.

    However recently I've been given a fun job and I can't seem to find a way to do it.

    The problem is we have 2 servers located on different sites, one is actually doing stuff the other just monitors some equipment and when status chages on the equipment a report is made to a table. The software doing this is bespoke and it would cost a fortune to have changed, what we want to do is have the monitoring server send a copy of the inserted row as they get inserted.

    I've tried linking the servers via ODBC (in the linked servers part) but when a trigger i've put on the insert table fires it throws up an error about ANSI NULLS and WARNINGS and nothing happens.

    After a look round on the internet I've found reference to using the 'set ANSI_NULLS' on command but this seems to be for stored procedures, even then when i try to execute the stored procedure as they show it still comes back with this error.

    Can anyone suggest any other ways of copying the inserted row across?

    Both servers are MS SQL but are not on a LAN so I have to refere to them as IP addresses.



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    Think about replication...

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