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Thread: Dates Again!!

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    Unanswered: Dates Again!!

    Hey i have to do a query where the user enters the dates he wants to hire a car - the result is suppost to show the cars that are available to rent during the dates he inputs.All the dates that the cars are rented out are in the database
    Ive tried [date_start] > [date entered by user] And [date_end] < [date entered by user] but i cant get is to work!
    Ive also tried [date entered by user] And [date entered by user] <> Between [date_start] And [date_end]
    I just cant figure it out and i know its straight forward!!
    Please help!
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    It seems as though you would need two dates entered by the user.

    Additionally, there is no way that this proposed start date can occur prior to the Date_End for any vehicle to be rented.

    So, I believe that you would want to put
    < [(out)date entered by user]
    in the Date_End column of your query.

    The results of this query must then be verified against the proposed return date. So, I would do this
    > [(in)date entered by user]
    in the Date_Start column of your new query.



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    Re: Dates Again!!

    I just tried this and I seemed to work...

    [Date Entered by User] Not Between [Date Start] And [Date End]

    I then entered "Is Null" for the start and end dates in the or criteria and it added all the cars that had no dates at all.

    Hope that helps.

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