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    Unanswered: Hardcoded dbserver in 4gl code.

    I'm switching servers (and dbservernames) from one HPUX server to another. A great deal of the code on the old box is accessing tables by table@onl_ux5. The new dbserver is onl_up01. How can I get the old code to connect to the new dbserver without changing/compiling everthing? In other words; how can I trick the code to thinking it's connecting to the old dbserver when it's actually connected to net new one? I've played around with the sqlhosts and DBSERVERALIAS, but to no avail. I'm running IDS 7.2.

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    OK, maybe the first post was a bit confusing. Here's my sqlhosts from my new server:

    # dbservername nettype hostname servicename
    onl_up01shm onipcshm uprod01 localserver
    onl_up01 onsoctcp uprod01 sqlexec
    onl_ux5 onsoctcp skyux5 sqlexec

    Skyux5 is my old server, uprod01 is my new server. The 4gl code uses 'database@onl_ux5' to connect to the database.

    How do I get my 4gl code that used to reside on the skyux5 server and is accessing tables using 'database@onl_ux5' to now connect to my new uprod01 server and still think they're connected to onl_ux5?

    I've tried changing the hostname is sqlhosts from skyux5 to uprod01 and adding an entry for DBSERVERALIAS in onconfig - nothing.
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