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    Unanswered: Looking for a better Lookup

    To anyone who can help:

    I am importing data from csv's (from Oracle) into Access for reporting. I had originaly taken advise from someone in this group to build an import marco which worked out great! Could not have been happier with the results. Here is the snag:

    The orafice DBA is changing the csv layout on a regular basis(Daily) to include fields from the database. I need to be able to import, with/without a macro, that will allow me to pull data in by column name if possible. I have 15 set columns that I need out of about 190. The number gets bigger and bigger and I keep having to clean up the data in excel before I get it into Access to make life easier.

    Any thought from the group? Am I going about this the wrong way?

    Please help.!.!


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    - import the whole thing in a temp table (Access will handle up to 255 fields)

    - then run an append query on the 15 columns that you need into your table

    - then delete the temp table

    You should be safe as long as the header/column names and the temp table name is the same each time.

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