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    Unanswered: parameter sorted by month

    Parameter query

    Using a query to sort by months, when a user selects the query, it ask select month like (month 1-12[select month]) and the user enters 1 for January. How could I modify the query to only look for dates starting from the 3rd on the month selected over to 3rd of the next month like January 3rd through February 3rd?

    Any suggestions on how this can be done, please..

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    You probably have a date field which you use like so:

    Month(someDateField) to query the month and use it for the parameter

    Simply add -2 like so Month(SomeDateField-2)
    This will then turn 2-feb into 31 jan thus month 1 3 feb will be 1 feb thus month 2

    if you want to include the 3th in jan as well simply do -3


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