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    Post Unanswered: getting value from another table

    Thank you in advanced.
    I am a beginner access 2000 user and need help with getting a record by using a generated field.
    I have a database that its purpose is to generate the price for a product.

    The price for the product comes from a table where individual material the material quantity, the material unit price are individually selected and added together.
    The price for material changes each month and Year I have a database that has the material code with the Month initials and year added to the material code
    (Material Code) SLDWD-ANF-RLB-8/4-PG-53 the Material code with the year/month becomes SLDWD-ANF-RLB-8/4-PG-53-SEP-2003 with its corresponding price.

    In the Product table ounce I pick the material the Month/year gets added automatically in one of the fields.
    My problem is to take this generated field from the product table and automatically get the price from my Material price table.
    Any suggestions?

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    Many a ways possible depending on the setup you want....

    You could do a query and a recordset:

    Dim rs as DAO.Recordset
    set rs = currentdb.openrecordset("select * from PriceTable where YourProdCode = '" & BuildProdCode & "'")
    The use rs!Price to get the retrieved price....

    Hope it helps.....


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    Thanks for the prompt response.
    But I am a bit fuzzy about using recordsets, I will try to read up on recordsets and hopefully I will be able to use your suggestion.
    If there is another way of doing the same I am all ears.

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