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    Unanswered: ODBC and Access

    Hi i have a matter, really you said )

    I have a table like this

    Idc : INTEGER(4)
    Field01 CHAR(255)
    Field02 CHAR(255)
    Field03 CHAR(255)
    Field04 CHAR(255)
    Field05 CHAR(255)
    Field06 CHAR(255)
    Field07 CHAR(255)
    Field08 CHAR(255)

    I run an insert query with all the fields and all the text field are fill with a comment of 255 characters.

    When i do my SQLExecute() i get an error.

    The message said 'record is too large'.

    If i compute the length of my data for the query i get 2044 bytes (4+8*255).

    When i get SQL_MAX_ROW_SIZE i get 4052 bytes.

    So what is the matter, what could i do wrong, what i do not undersand ?
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