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    Unanswered: Connection problem

    Strange database problem.
    I have 2 servers one running as webserver and the other as Database server running MSSQL 2000 SP3.
    They are connected i 2 ways. Through a public net using static IP and through a direct cable using another IP.

    My problem is that I cannot connect to or from the database through the crossed cable (I run a DTS which imports a zipped access file from an FTP account on the webserver).
    Running through the public net works fine but not through the crossed/direct cable.
    All other connecting (ping, filesharing, FTP not through DTS, etc) works fine through that cable but ODBC connections from the webserver don't and neither does DTS access from the database server.
    Does anyone have a clue.

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    I assume there is a different IP associated with the crossed-cable connection. Configure your ODBC to use that IP address instead of the server name.

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    That's what I couldn't do. However everything worked out after restarting the webbserver. Seems like it was just a glitch.

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