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    Unanswered: Probleme with Merge replication

    Hi all
    I am trying to configure a merge replication of publication in LAN
    The whole Dynamic Filter snapshot runs well, all the data are pumped to the subscriber and all dri, trg etc. scripts are executed without problem. Then it launch a synchronization. Logically and usually there is no data to be merged. But here it start to replicate a lot of change. It's been 8hours it runs and I've got 600000 update.

    I have verified the snapshot, the subcribers parameters.... and as usal there is no mistake or error. Nothing change on my Server (SQL 2000 SP3a running on W2K SP2 English).

    All was running well before. Since one week the problem appears.

    Any Idea ?

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    Check with your sysadmin, see if he implemented any policies. Also see if service accounts on the participants are the same (preferred)

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    I'm the sysadmin !
    And nothing change even on the AD ! No rights, no GPO....


    Thanks for your answer

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