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    Unanswered: mysqldump giving ERROR 1102 and I don't know why

    This should be very simple. I am trying to use mysqldump on a table in one of my databases and it isn't working. The command I am issuing is:

    C:\mysl\bin>mysqldump -uusername -ppassword database_name.table_name > table_name.sql

    I get the following error message:

    ERROR 1102: Incorrect database name 'database_name.table_name'

    Now I know that my database name is correct and I know that my table name is correct. That is, I do have a database by that name and it does contain a table by that name. This is certain. Also, I can go to the DOS prompt and issue the command:

    C:\mysql\bin>mysqldump -uusername -ppassword database_name > database.sql

    and everything works fine. (This creates a huge file, however, and is not what I want to do.)

    Someone please tell me why I am getting the 1102 error.



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    Re: mysqldump giving ERROR 1102 and I don't know why

    Try this:
    C:\mysl\bin>mysqldump -uusername -ppassword database_name table_name > table_name.sql
    You can specify multiple tables with: dbname table1 table2

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