I have a hunch this one is going to be a resounding "no", but I thought I'd try anyways.

I have a report that uses a user defined date range many, many times throughout the datasource. Ideally, I would like to pass a query declaring and setting variables and let sql server (2000) sort out the dirty work. Essentially I'm working on something that would look like this:


SET @sDate = 'this string gets constructed during the On Open event of a report
SET @eDate = 'same thing here

SELECT lotsOfStuff, (SELECT oneOfManySubSelects FROM t2 WHERE t2.field BETWEEN @sDate AND @eDate)
FROM somewhere
WHERE somefield BETWEEN @sDate AND @eDate

I have some five subselects that are dependent on this daterange. I can construct the entire string purely in VB, but it's messy and rather tedious. Ideally I'd like to set the variable ONCE at runtime and be done with it. This way, I keep a full record source that calls @sDate and @eDate. Then I simply set the variables and insert them before the query.

The problem is Access doesn't seem to know how to pass the query without trying to parse the variables itself. So it gets mad that @sDate and @eDate haven't been defined for each occurance. I'm looking for a way to make access ignore the fact that there are variables in the query, and pass it as-is to the sql server.