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    Question Unanswered: VISDATA-create FOREIGN KEY- help

    Hi everyone,
    Need help constructing "foreign key" with Visual Data Manager in VB6.
    (tried posting to VB forums> no help). Don't have Access on my system so working with .MDB databases thru VISDATA.
    PROBLEM: How do I get the "foreign" key checkbox to activate in the "add index" or "add table" form so I can create a foreign key??????
    (mine is greyed out/deactivated). This may be a lame question but I'm a stumped newbie to DB design.

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    It may just be me, but i have used/created many a Access DB. Might it be that since access doesnt support it that that may be the reason for it to be greyed out....

    To make it clear: I have never used VISDATA so i am guessing.....


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