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    Unanswered: sqlplus.exe not starting on 8i

    Hi there,

    I have just installed 8i enterprise on winXP pro. I have installed it many times before for personal joy. The installation completed without any glitches, the thing is that SQL*Plus won't start up from the start menu or from oracle/bin/sqlplus.exe. The strange thing is that i can use sql*plus through the command prompt. Although I can use it, I wouldn't mind using SQL*Plus environment - and i don't really feel like reinstalling.

    No error logs or messages given. I have SP1a installed - although i don't see why that would hurt.

    Anyone else had this problem? Any advice?


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    I was going to try and install Oracle EE Server on WinXP and realised oracle have not certified it, however I'm sure it works [ havent tried it].


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