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    Hi everyone,

    I need a script that perfoms an auto calculation when the user inputs data into a database. I have a database with a a field called CAT_ID. I want this field to increment by one when another field called CAT equals a certain value. Confused?? I am.

    An example:

    When the field CAT equals Audio increment the CAT_ID by one. So when the first record that has the field CAT equalling Audio increment the counter by one. When the second record that equalls Audio in the CAT field increment the CAT_ID field again by one. So the records would look like:

    Record 1
    CAT Audio
    CAT_ID 0

    CAT Audio
    CAT_ID 1

    CAT Audio
    CAT_ID 2

    Thanks in advance,


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    this is easy enough but you didn't give us enough data, but I think I understand where you are going. If you create a relationship with CAT_ID on both sides then your relationshop when you can set your auto-enter calc to Count(Relationship name::Cat_ID) + 1

    If you give me a little more detail and a copy of your file I think I can do this in about thiry seconds. If you are intersted drop me an email and I will give instructions on how to unload your file.


    Joe King

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