Help, we are trying to track down a performance issue with the Fujitsu NET COBOL 2.0 environment. Our architecture is as follows:
VB .NET Presentation Layer
FUJITSU NET COBOL OO data marshalling layer
FUJITSU NET COBOL procedural COBOL business logic layer

It appears that the first invocation of a data marshalling layer results in an extended delay before the entry point to the procedure division actually takes off and the program actually starts to execute. This lag time seems to vary by the amount of data movement code in the procedure division of the method. Still these variances are along the lines of 1-300 lines of code, a rather small number. I see this same type of lag time the first time I invoke a low level procedural cobol .dll . Has anyone out there seen anything like this type of behavior. I have 300+ application .dll's to get working smoothly and this is a total stopper.