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    Unanswered: how can create view autonumber

    now i have two table

    1st table
    type_id type_name
    4 a
    5 b
    6 c

    2nd table
    category_id category_name type_id
    6 aaa 4
    7 bbb 5
    9 ccc 6

    i want to join two table to create view
    autonumber type_name category_name
    1 c ccc
    2 b bbb
    3 a aaa

    how can i write this sql to create autonumber field


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    I am not sure you can do that with a view, but you can create a table that reference the primary keys of the other two tables and set the primary key for this table to be an Identity - which will get you the autonumber feature.

    That is:
    id int PK IDENTITY
    table1_id int FK
    table2_id int FK

    You set a primary key as IDENTITY in the Enterprise Manager in the design view for the table.

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