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    Unanswered: IUSR Web Access to DB - Separate Servers

    I have NT SQL 7 and Web Server on same box. I have a new server with W2K and SQL 2000 installed (no IIS). I am migrating the databases over and when done I will install W2K on the old box and it will remain the IIS Web server front end to the new SQL 2000 Server.

    On the old configuration, IIS and SQL 7 on the same box, I added the IUSER to the database from the local computer users list when needed for web access. How do I add that user now that the boxes are seperate? The acccout is not a local account on the new machine and the account is a loca account on the other machine so it does not authenticate to the domain so I can't pull it in from there.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Simple answer is to use SQL Authentication.

    Create a SQL user on your SQL box, then use a non-SSPI connection in your ASP/ASPX.

    More complicated, but ultimately better answer:
    Create a new domain user, give it the same permissions on the IIS machine as the IUSER, restrict it's permissions elsewhere on the domain, then add them as a database user in the SQL box.

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