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    Unanswered: str() function equivalent for mysql?

    In sql server the str() function converts numeric data into character data. Is there any such function in mysql?



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    The closest thing to STR() that MySQL has is FORMAT().

    Formats the number X to a format like '#,###,###.##', rounded to D decimals, and returns the result as a string. If D is 0, the result will have no decimal point or fractional part:
    mysql> SELECT FORMAT(12332.123456, 4);
    -> '12,332.1235'
    mysql> SELECT FORMAT(12332.1,4);
    -> '12,332.1000'
    mysql> SELECT FORMAT(12332.2,0);
    -> '12,332'

    You may also want to look into CAST or CONVERT.
    CAST() and CONVERT() are available as of MySQL 4.0.2.

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