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Thread: Access Security

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    Unanswered: Access Security

    I setup my DB using the using the "User-Level Security" wizard. The DB workgroup file is stored on a network share to which I have full rights. Anyway, when I copy the DB file to another machine for distribution and then try to open it, it throws an error (3033) saying that I do not have permission to access the file... I don't even get prompted for my DB username and password.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Access Security

    It sounds like you are copying only the mdb file without the workgroup file (mdw). To see if this is the problem, try copying the mdw file with the mdb and open the application with the workgroup file (Start -> Run: C:[mdb file path]\[filename].mdb /wrkgrp [mdw file path]\[filename].mdw").
    Good luck...

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