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    Red face Unanswered: transferring .dbf file from development to production box

    For some reason, I am having a problem with starting up oracle on my development box. So as a temporary solution, I wanted to transfer the .dbf file and tablespace from the development box to a new temporary "development" user under the production database. However, I am not sure of how to do this correctly since the .dbf files are dependent on control files.

    What is the best way to do this in a way where the development dbf file (which has the same schema as the production database) will not interfere with the production schema?

    Thanks in advance.
    Jason B. Simms

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    Check the TRANSPORTABLE TABLESPACE feature which was invented mainly to move data quickly from OLTP dbs to their DWH but that may help you here.

    Be warned that is not "easy" to use that feature.

    Before 9i, you must have the same release of Oracle, same OS, same block size in both dev and production. In 9i, you can have different block sizes - not sure about the release and OS constraint.

    For sure, just copying the .dbf will simply corrupt your prod db!

    Perhaps you may just make an export of your dev user and import it in prod (use the FROMUSER/TOUSER commands of IMP) instead of moving the .dbf.


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