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    Question Unanswered: Convert Sybase db to SQL Server?

    Was given (from what im told) a Sybase 6.0 db, and was asked to either open it (to view/extract the data) or try to do a straight basic conversion over to SQL Server.

    Im NOT a Database guru by any means.. was wondering if there is any apps out there that does this nicely?

    Currently, Im using Sybase 5.5, and it will not open it

    Thanks for any responces

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    I'm not familiar with Sybase 6.0.
    But I think that there must be the odbc driver with which the app can connect the sybase.
    So I think,your first task is finding the related odbc driver for sybase database.
    Then,u can use 3rd migration tools ,such as borland datapump(u can find it in delphi installation package) or import/export of microsoft sql server.

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    Only a Sybase ASA 6.0 or higher will be able to launch your ASA 6.0 database

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