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    Unanswered: Help with Normalization

    I'm really stuck on this normalization problem in our Intro to Database class. I think I've got the first 2 relations(unnormalized, and first normal form), however that last 2(1NF to 2NF and 2NF to 3NF) stump me.

    The problem states:
    Tom's Equipment Rental is a small company that rents equipment to individuals. Each piece of equipment has a metal
    tag affixed to it with a unique serial number. A customer signs a rental agreement, which lists each item being rented
    during that visit. Each rental agreement has a unique agreement number and can include the rental of one or more
    pieces of equipment. Each customer has a unique customer number and may have more than one rental agreement
    (even on the same day).

    So far I've got:
    Single, Unnormalized Relation

    Agreement (Agreement_No, Date, Cust_No, Cust_Name, Cust_Phone, Serial_No, Item_Name, Daily_Rate)

    First Normal Form(1NF)

    Agreement (Agreement_No, Serial_No , Date, Cust_No, Cust_Name,Cust_Phone, Item_Name, Daily_rate)

    Second Normal Form (2NF)
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