Senario: One big machine Dell 6650 and one little Dell 1750 Clustered in Active/Passive with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. On top of this, SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition. Operating system disk internal in each machine and data connected to SAN

1. Question. What Pros/Cons are there with machines of different size (hardware) in Cluster environment. Is this supported?
2. We have to buy SQL CPU license for the Active node (not the Passive) in a “One Instance” Cluster. If we add SQL Instance (on the Active node if possible) how does that affect the SQL license, do we need to pay SQL CPU licence for the little machine too? Do I understand it correctly although SQL Enterprise CPU license covers up to 16 Instances on SINGLE machine that it’s not possible to have two or more Instances on the Active node and let all Instances failover to the little machine and therefore only buy SQL CPU license for the Active node (The big machine)?
3. What are the Pros/Cons on having one database on one SQL Instance => many Instances. OR one Instance with many databases in a Clustered environment.