I want to replicate a production SQL7 (on Win2k Svr) database to another DR box. As well as DR, business requirements are that data is as up to date as possible at the remote site.

On my test LAN, I have set up a publication so that tables with PKs can be replicated via transactional replication and all others via snapshot replication overnight. This way I can replicate table data and stored procedures.

I have some questions:

1. I don't think that SQL replication can copy across SQL usernames, views or triggers. Is this correct?

2. Is it possible/wise to supplement the SQL replication with DTS jobs which will copy across triggers, views and usernames, but which will not otherwise affect the data on the target (say once per 24hrs)?

3. If I do copy across triggers, is there a way of disabling them while the target server is in "subscriber mode" and re-enabling them when DR is invoked?

4. Or is replication mutually incompatible with DR for a database which has tables with and without PKs, usernames, views, triggers and stored procedures?