I'm using ODBC to link an Access database to an Oracle 9.2.0 database. When I open the Access database in Access 2000 I get a list of the tables and their schema prefix. However, if I open the same Access database in Access 2002 I get only the choice "DBSNMP.DBA_DATA_FILES"

I then tried using the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver, but it only gives me "ALL_ALL_TABLES" as a choice.

The Access database and the Oracle database is the same for all scenario. The difference is between the two clients used. The one that works is using Access 2000, and Oracle's ODBC driver from the 8.1.7 client, on a Win2K server. The client that won't list the tables is using Access 2002 (Office XP), and Oracle's ODBC driver from the 9.2.0 client (also tried the MS driver), on an XP Pro workstation.

Note: if I create the link on the first machine, then I can open the database and use the link on the second. I just can't create new links to Oracle tables.