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    Unanswered: Procedure Builder

    Hi to all!
    I have an Oracle client, vs, and I'm searching for a tool for stored procedure debugging. I know Procedure Builder, that's a module of Oracle Form Developer: I have downloaded it from the otn site and I've installed it on my machine. But it doesn't work!
    During the installation I was required for the main Oracle directory, but when I gave it my Oracle home (i.e. OraHome92, corresponding to d:/oracle/ora92), a messagebox raised to tell me that this directory is already used as Oracle main directory for Oracle 82 Beta, and it cannot be used as main directory for Oracle for nt. But there is not a different Oracle Form Developer version for nt, it's the same as for win2k (my o.s.).
    I made a separate directory for Oracle Form developer, and in this way the application seems to act correctly, but when I try to put a breakpoint on my code, it doesn't work: I cannot start the execution of my procedure, because there is an internal error ORA-06543.
    Is there someone who use this tool?


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    FYI - the Developer Suite documentation says somewhere that you can NOT have your DS and your DB loaded in the same ORAHOME directory.

    Sounds like your whole installation is tippy. Any chance to start from scratch (wipe the disk)?

    Whatever you do with the above information your should also download the latest patch (, I think). I have heard other reports that 010 is buggy. I am using it myself and I agree. I have downloaded the patch but haven't make myself stop developing to load it. (I know, I know, I never said I was the brightest bulb).
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