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    Question Unanswered: Call store procedure external

    Hello friends.
    I hava a little problem.
    Can you help me?
    Well... How I can call another database store procedure?
    I need to call a store procedure make in Informix from Oracle

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    put your informix stored procedure call in an OS level script - may be a shell script.
    Now using external procedure or a c++/java call you can execute this script from Oracle.

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    Don't let this thread die ...
    Dumping few details.

    You have some informx procedure that you want to call/execute from Oracle. Oracle will not identify your informix procedure.
    So come out of oracle environment.
    You need to execute this from your OS - unix.
    You will need some unix shell script that will call informix procedure.
    And then you'll have to "plug" this script to Oracle - you will have to make oracle call this shell script.

    Some script similar to following oracle pseudo code. You will need some informix version of this ....

    -- --
    @/mypath/my_script.sql user_id/passwd@db
    -- --

    /mypath/my_script.sql will have ..

    -- -- --
    EXEC MY_PROCEDURE ('Param1', 'Param2') ;
    -- -- --

    Make this shell script work from command prompt in unix.

    Then you need to call this shell script from Oracle. ( This is calling external procedure) You can even call this external routine (shell script) from some Java stored procedure.

    Following link has some details.

    I don't have much handy info.

    Search for " External Procedure". You'll get good stuffs ....

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