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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Advice needed!

    Hi out there!

    People, I will need your advise where to start.
    During present time, I work extensively with Access in my work, and know pretty much enough to create an advanced databases to manage projects. But I feel hunger for VB knowledge to be more effective developer. I do not have VB skills but I can use an existing code and edit it so it will fit the database to handle various events.
    My background is in networking with database design and administration), but not development. Though I really like it too.
    In the past I briefly covered QBasic, uh it was a long time.
    Would you please advise where to start to learn VB, what books would you recommend etc... Any input will be appreciated!!!

    Thanks a million!


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    probably the best choice at this time is . Skip VB , it is almost outdated.
    Just search google or amazon( for books) .

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    I agree with li810 that vb6 is "outdated". However, I would recommend using c# over
    If you do not have SQL Server Books Online (BOL) installed - please do so. The majority of questions asked in the SQL Server forum could be eliminated if people had access to bol. BOL

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    13 versus C#

    COuld you suggest why to choose c# versus
    Just for myself, trying to figure it out which direction to move.

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    C# is better if you are looking into multiplatform programming. is only for microsoft.

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