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    Unhappy Unanswered: Report Help for Access Newbie

    Howdy to All,
    I'm chasing a problem with trying to write a report that summarizes work order detail and I'm comepletely stuck. I've attached a demo db with three tables that reproduces my problem.

    WO Table: represents the work order itself
    WOID, Date

    EMP table: represnts employee time per WO

    EQUIP table; represents equipment time per WO

    Any given work order can have 1 to many Employees or Equip's involved. When a new work order is entered, multiple EMP and/or EQUIP records are created. This seems to be proper based on what I know. My problem is I need to build a report to essentially re-assemble the WorkOrders with detail for each Employee or Equip.

    The query(s) to do this are eluding me. The two in the demo produce results i did not expect. Especially the aggegate query.

    Can anyone offer me some help?

    Much Thanks in advance
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