Setup: Forms 9i, DB 9i (, W2K

Looking for a little direction here.

I have an LOV on a field that I use to control entry of values. That works fine, but the issue I have is that when I re-query the record(s) the LOV is firing and overwriting my entered values with the defaults of the LOV.

My LOV written in such a way that you are not presented with choices you have already made. So on top of the above problem when the LOV fires it can not find the values in its list that I already entered so it squaks. I kind of got around this issue by defining a separate LOV for the PQ phase but it seems like something is amiss in that I need to do that at all.

I have other forms using a similar scheme and none of them complain but with side by side comparison and such I can not find any thing different between the two.