I have a report that spans two pages of an 8.5 x 14 sheet of paper. For this reason, I have built two separate reports.

I have also built a report request screen to filter and sort the data on the reports. This works great.

Now, my problem is controlling the printing. I would like to allow the user to preview the report prior to printing. I currently only show the user the first page because page two is a second report. Then they print the report and when they close the preview I have some code that kicks off the second page without a preview.

Couple of problems with this that I am having:
1) If the user changes the printer, my code that prints the second report is sending it to the default printer. Is there a way to capture the printer change that the user made and send the output there?

2) If the user previews the "page 1" and then closes without printing, my code still prints "page 2". Is there a way to detect whether the user actually printed "page 1"?

Any help or suggestions on implementation or the proper code would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,