I've been attempting to access the maxPwdAge attribute in Active Directory and consistantly receive the error: 0x8007054B (no message, just the error code). Using the same code, if I try to access another attribute of another object (such as my own user object), I can get the value.

This is a small snippet of the code:

Set objDomain = oADsNamespace.OpenDSObject("LDAP://" & strADServerDN, strADUserID, strADPassword, 0)
Set objMaxPwdAge = objDomain.get("maxPwdAge")

I have also tried:
Set objMaxPwdAge = objDomain.MaxPwdAge

strADUserID is the ID I'm using to open the object
strADPassword is the password for the above ID
strADServerDN is the fully qualified context to the root object.

When I change the strADServerDN to point to another object, I can retrieve the values of other attributes with the same code. It just seems to be with the root object.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with ASP? Thanks!