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    Unanswered: DTS - How to make ActiveX script open a connection in the diagram?

    I have a simple question but I'm having a really hard time finding an answer.

    Let's say I'm designing a DTS package, and I have a connection to a SQL Server called ConnSQL. How do I reference this connection in my ActiveX script? (so I can run SQL queries and such)

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    There is no way to reference such connections. This is because you can only reference COM objects from VBScript, and the DTS package is not a COM object, but itself a script. Scripting is included to allow you to access objects in the operating system environment.

    If you want to run SQL queries against a DTS connection, you want to use a SQL Query task, which operates against whatevery connection you attach it to.

    If your goal is moving data between files and/or tables, you want to use a transformation task between two DTS connections (select the source, holding SHIFT, select the second, then click the Transformation Task button on the toolbar.

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