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    Unanswered: Paradox 5 question

    I have a database on an old machine running on a runtime of Paradox 5. I am getting worried that the machine may kick the bucket any day now. The person who programmed the database is long gone and I seriously doubt I can find the Paradox 5 install cd or disks. To complicate matters, the database is getting heavier usage than ever and we would like to be able to access it from about 5 other computers. Would it be possible to buy wordperftect professional 2002 or 11 and have hope of opening the paradox 5 database in one of those? Would it make sense to try to convert it to access or something else? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Paradox 5.0 is a 16-bit system. You probably do want to switch from that. However, with Paradox this can be extremely easy.

    Just purchase Version 10, which is a 32-bit version. As long as the forms aren't "delivered" (i.e. they are .FSL files and not .FDLs) the application should run without any modifications whatsoever.

    The Paradox file format is upward and downward compatible, so the database files will open without modification. Amazingly enough, the forms and reports and libraries are compatible too. (Well, not so "amazing" really; what's 'amazing' is that MS-Access absolutely isn't!)

    You will need to configure the BDE settings to have the same aliases, and so on, that were used by the 16-bit system. And generally you open everything in design mode and re-save it.
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