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    Red face Unanswered: Sqlanywhere chinese data handling...

    Dear all,

    I have a sqlanywhere db in a machine with locale Chinese PRC.
    I have a powerbuilder pipeline which read sqlanywhere data
    to transfer to an oracle db with GBK charset. The action
    result as the chinese data becomes meaningless character.

    Which level of tuning shall I consider: sqlanywhere db setting,
    pipeline sql conversion, oracle plsql conversion, or anywhere else,
    to make a presentable oracle chinese record?


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    Probably due to bad characterset convertion in the PB side. Did you install the necessary Windows charactersets ?Is it possible to disply your characters through a simple PB datawindow ?

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    thx for reply...

    all pb reports display normally in chinese, but fail in upload
    to oracle... there seems a odbc translator in sqlanywhere
    driver something...but donno if can help?

    anyother workaround ?

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    umm... I normally don't answer queries for people moving away from Sybase.. make an exception this time...just kidding...

    SQL Anywhere, Chinese charset is cp934 or cp932 on Oracle can be mapped to UCS2. You may be looking at your data pipe on a Windows platform and seeing all the garbage, that's because windows cannot exactly map all the characters defined. However the garbage will make sense when piped into Oracle configured with UCS2.

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