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    Unanswered: xp_sendmail and outlook 2000

    I'm sending data from a simple query using xp_sendmail and the @query variable to send via Outlook 2000. Everthing is fine data-wise, but the font of the data is wrong in the e-mail causing the columns of data to be justified all over the place.

    I would like it to send in 'courier new' font to fix this problem, but SQL server defaults to use plain txt so the e-mail client receiving the information is not forced to use the font and uses its own default (which again throws the alignment out). I need to make it use the 'Rich Text' format to enforce this but SQL seems to bypass this when sending via sp_sendmail.

    I know this is more an Outlook problem, but it is the way SQL 2000 uses it that is my issue here



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    I believe that xp_sendmail uses Outlook's smtp mail transport, and not actually Outlook to send the mail. You will notice that none of youe sent messages are stored in the Send Mail folder either.

    Think you're out of luck formatting with this mailing approach.

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    look into cdo object, and if that doesn't give what you want, xp_smtp_sendmail (search the google.) finally, if outlook is already installed on the server and a valid profile created, - you can use sp_oaxxx procedures to directly call outlook application and control your formatting this way. have to warn you though that using the latter may have detremental affects on your system, because you'll be at the mercy of the "stability" of outlook!!!

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