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    Unanswered: Backup and Move

    SQL Nubie need to accomplish two things. 1. backup an SQL2000 db on old hardware. 2. Use backup to build same SQL2000 db onto new hardware, which will replace old hardware as main system. Running Win2000 server standard edition on old server and Win2003 server standard edition on new server. Old server does not have a tape backup, but it has a cd burner and access to a Novell corparate network -without any established Windows domains. Asking for much, hope someone can help. Some source material would go along way. Thanks
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    Dump the databases in a local file on your harddisk, using backup SQL statement.
    Bcp out the main tables of the master DB.
    Copy all these files into your CD and tranfer them in the new hardware.
    Recreate a new MS-SQL server in the new machine

    do you keep the original tree-architecture in your both machines ?

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