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    Unanswered: Archival logic/algoritm

    We are in need of finalizing an archival approach for one of our Web and Client server application. The major requirements are

    a) User can click on Web front end to start archival process.

    b) The system should move the related data to archived space in a backup location.

    c) Could be a batch process.

    d) The relation between tables is extensive i.e. > 30 tables need to be managed for archival one component.

    e) Database size is not very huge < 10 MB.

    We were planning to have a table to store archival flag, which will be set when user click on Archival. Then a batch program will copy the database in to a backup location and delete the entries from archived database where archive flag is not set and delete entry from master database where archive flag is set. The problem is how to synchronize the changes when archival process runs next time i.e. the master database would have changed so how to put that data in archival database with out removing existing data.

    Any other approach/practical solutions will be very helpful.


    Mridul Mishra

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    Want to reread that and tell us if you think that makes sense?

    Archive what? How do you know what to mark?

    Maybe a simple explination:

    "I build widgets...and when a widget is shipped I need to archive the order...."

    What are you doing?

    It's a Great Day for America everybody!

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Hmmm...Sorry for being not clear enough. Some how i thought every one is bugged with the problem as much as i do...

    Well archival is more an event based task...Let me try to give more relevant information's normal microsoft project plan which are stored and displayed for users. In most of the cases users might decide on their own whims(as most of the users are ) when they feel data need to be moved to archive.

    Thanks and regards

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