What is the syntax for a control source to count only those dates that have a certain month in that field?

Ex. Report for Feb.

Date1= 3 Date2= 4

Date1 Date2
01/19/04 02/01/04
01/31/04 01/03/04
02/01/04 02/17/04
01/03/04 02/12/04
02/16/04 01/23/04
02/17/04 02/01/04

To create the report I was prompted [Enter Month], so I enter 2 and it displays the following dates because in my query I wanted only those dates that begin with month 2; that works and it gives me this report. Now I need it to count only those dates with month 2 based on my previous input of 2. If I had enter month 1 for the report it would generate a Jan report and only count months with a 1.

Thanks in Advance!