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    Unhappy Unanswered: DB2 Connect EE and JDBC Type 3 Drivers


    we need to connect to DB2 V7.2 from a java program.According to the proposed architecture ,the DB2 Database server resides on a separate machine,the DB2 Connect Enterprise edition resides on a separate machine and the java app would run on a seaprate box.

    The java app uses a type 3 driver to to the DB2 Database using DB2 Connect as a connection gateway.

    The problem is that we can connect to the DB as long as the DB2 Connect and the java app are on the same physical box

    However if they are on separate boxes , we get the following error

    "[IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0615E Error receiving from socket, server is not responding. SQLSTATE=08S01"

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    Re: DB2 Connect EE and JDBC Type 3 Drivers

    I understand Type 3 JDBC Connection this way:

    On your database server you have a process known as applet server listening on a specific port, 6790 by default ... You direct your JDBC requests to that port (looks like you do use the default port) which is picked up by the applet server and forwarded to the database ... The server processes the requests and sends it back to you ...

    Based on this understanding, when you say your code works when your connect and code are on the same machine, it is clear ... When you have your Connect on a different box , you may probably be giving the hostname of that box in your connection string ...Your program will be trying to send requests to port 6790 , which actually does not have a listner ...


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    In both the cases ,ie when the DB2 Connect and the java prog are on the same box and when they are on different boxes.I always specify the hostname of the server on which the DB2 Connect is located to make a connection to the database.

    However it works only in the case when the java prog and the DB2 Connect are located on the same machine.

    In the second case when they are located on different boxes ,Every time the java prog connects to the DB2 Connect an entry is placed in the $DB2_CONNECT_HOME/db2/jdbcerr.log

    "(Fri Feb 06 11:32:23 2004) pid= 936 jdbcServer(jdbcAuthorizeClient): (): The client token, (), and server token, (V), do not match at index, (0) , einfo= 32 (client IP ="

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