Using and ADP form, I have opened up a recordset in ADO....the recordset is fully updateable (I can deleted recs, update recs, etc). I then assign the recordset to the Access ADP form as follows

Set Me.Recordset = rs

If I go into the VB immediate window, I can STILL update and delete in
Me.Recordset. However, my form will not let me update any fields. The text boxes on the form are bound to the field in me.recordset, so the read works okay, but the system tells me that the recordset is not updateable when I try to change the data in the boxes. As far as I know all the Form properties are set properly (allowedits, allowadditions.....etc are all true)

I went on Microsoft site and they say that I can do what I am trying to do
as long as I use the "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" as my provider in the
connection, I use a client side cursor (cn.cursorlocation = adUseClient)
and that my recordset has a field that contains a primary key.

All of the above is true, however I still cannnot update me.recordset via
the form !!!!!!

Any ideas ?