i'm trying to convert a soul ms-access database to a sql enviroment.
I'm testing on a windows 2000 server with SQL2000 and Acces-XP.
I used the 'upsize wizard' to transfer the tables and convert everything else.

I used a lot of code to get things the way we want.

The thing i use much is the listbox , in a dynamically way, when a record is selected another listbox is filled. I use the following code :

Me.list0.RowSource = "SELECT Orders.Ordernummer, Orders.Omschrijving, Orders.Kosten, " _
& "Orders.Opbrengst , Orders.Categorie " _
& "FROM Orders " _
& "WHERE (((Orders.Categorie)=[Forms]![menu_maint]![Keuzelijst0])) " _
& "ORDER BY Orders.Ordernummer;"

As you see i use the selected item from the first listbox as a filter for the second listbox.

Now the problem ... the converted database does not return any data.

Could someone explain to me what i need to change ?
It is working in a soul Access enviroment

Thanks in advance.