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Thread: Rush Hour

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    Rush Hour

    Right now my company is taking an important decision; we are going to redesign our software in order to reach very specific requirements. I want to know if someone knows about a similar case or has experience on something like this (we are considering contract someone with the experience) because we need to take a decision asap… any light on this would be very appreciated.

    We want:
    - Web site accessing a database server
    - To handle 50.000 transactions per minute (Rush hour and our main issue)
    - Very scalable product (Our software should be useful for medium to large enterprise, $ has weight here because not all of our clients have the same volume of transactions and money)

    Approaches on consideration:

    Unix* - Oracle – Java
    Wintel – SQL server - .net framework
    IBM-Linux - DB2 - ???

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hire a qualified consultant.

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